Imaginative Play

  • Horse Club Arabian Mare 1

    Arab Mare

    The spotlessly white Arabian Mare is the beauty of the horse farm. Her friends can be truly proud to be close to her. Whoever walks by the pasture simply has to stop and admire her. Did you know that Arabian horses belong to the oldest horse breeds in...

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  • Horse Club Arabian Foal 1

    Arab Foal

    The petite Arabian Foal is very pretty. No wonder, with those beautiful parents. The Arabian Stallion and the Arabian Mare (both sold separately) are very proud of their little foal. Although it is still so small, it already has the grace of its parents...

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    Jungle Dragon

    Everything about the Jungle Dragon looks dangerous. Its mighty green wings are covered with spikes and even its tail is covered in nasty, pointed thorns. You really don't want to get on the wrong side of i. Oh no, it's already opening its mighty jaws and...

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  • Dinosaurs Stegosaurus 1 Dinosaurs Stegosaurus 2

    Stegosaurus 2024

    The huge boney plates on the Stegosaurus' back are pretty impressive. Most of the time, though, the herbivore is a peaceful soul. But if you disturb it while it's grazing or annoy it, things might get uncomfortable. It may lash out with its imposing...

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  • schleich Dinosaurs Bajadasaurus 1 schleich Dinosaurs Bajadasaurus 2


    The Bajadasaurus is a particularly impressive dinosaur. That's mainly thanks to the long spiny spikes running along its back. I wonder if the otherwise peaceful herbivore uses them to defend itself against attackers. In any case, they look pretty scary,...

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  • Dinosaurs Moros Intrepidus 1 Dinosaurs Moros Intrepidus 2

    Moros Intrepidus

    The Moros Intrepidus runs like lightning through the jungle on two legs – always on the hunt. It digs its mighty clawed feet into the ground so that no one can stop it. At the same time, it opens and closes his huge jaws. It looks dangerous even...

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  • Dinosaurs Concavenator 1 Dinosaurs Concavenator 2


    At an impressive six meters in length, the Concavenator is an imposing figure. The lizard's skin shines grass-green and yellow. On its back it has an elongated hump, which stands out from the rest of the body in red. With its striking appearance, it...

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  • Dinosaurs Allosaurus 1 Dinosaurs Allosaurus 2

    Allosaurus 2024

    Allosaurus' patterned lizard skin looks like a camouflage suit. That's pretty practical since the giant carnivore is almost always on the hunt. On two legs, it can run unbelievably fast through the jungle and can easily catch up with any prey. There's no...

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  • Smoothie Blaster Smoothie Blaster

    Smoothie Blaster

    SAFE, EASY, FAMILY FUN - The Smoothie Blaster is a safe and easy way to create delicious frozen fruit smoothies for the whole family. No batteries needed, just add frozen fruit and enjoy! GREAT GIFT IDEA - This is an excellent gift idea for both boys...

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