Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do suggested ages on toys matter?

A. Yes. The recommended product age matters, not only for safety purposes, but also for enjoyment. A child who is not yet developmentally ready for a toy won't appreciate it. Sometimes, however, it's common for parents and grandparents to give a gift that is "ahead" of the current age of the child. Some families like to have toys ready for play, waiting just around the corner--or kept in the closet--until the right time arrives.

Q. Do you sell batteries?

A. Yes! Please ask to have your toy or item installed with batteries. We carry AA and AAA in the shop, and we have the tiny screwdriver required to open battery compartments.

 Q. Can you wrap my gift?

A. Yes, please ask for complimentary gift wrapping for any item you purchase in our store or an item we ship. Choose from variety of patterns suitable for baby, kid, or adult. Seasonally, we carry holiday wrap for Christmas or Hanukkah. All gifts are professionally wrapped with a small ribbon and a secured with a PLAYmatters sticker. 

Q. Can I phone in my order?

A. Yes, please call our shop at 216.464.2424 and we can help you pick an item, check you out, wrap it, and have it ready for curbside pickup.

Q. How often does your inventory change?

A. All the time. We are constantly finding the latest educational, fun toys. The specialty toy industry has never seen such a diverse array of items, and we are always bringing new things into the shop. Contact us if you spot something new and cool you think we should carry.