Family & Adult Games

  • Quiddler 1 Quiddler 2

    Quiddler Game

    For the FUN of words: Quiddler is a delightful challenge for rookies and wordsmiths alike. There are two bonuses each round: one for the longest word and one for the most words! The object is to arrange all the cards in your hand into one or more words...

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  • Five Crowns Five Crowns

    Five Crowns

    Award-winning Five Crowns Game: Five Crowns is a five-suited rummy-style card game played in eleven rounds. It is a quick favorite for avid and casual card players alike. Five Crowns features a unique double deck that contains 5 suits (the stars are new)...

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  • Qwirkle Rummy Qwirkle Rummy

    Qwirkle Rummy

    Qwirkle Rummy is the fun family card game where players create sets by matching shapes or colors. Any player can add to any set or switch cards in the sets, but the real pay off happens when a set of all 6 is completed and a Qwirkle is scored. The player...

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  • Qwirkle 1 Qwirkle 2


    Qwirkle is as basic as matching colors and shapes! Well-planned strategy is the key to victory. Qwirkle consists of 108 wooden tiles with 6 shapes in 6 colors. Each tile is worth 1 point. Players score points by building lines of tiles that share a...

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  • Rush Hour Rush Hour

    Rush Hour

    Voted one of Parents' Choice Best 25 Toys of 25 Years It will take more than a little skilled driving to get the red car out of this traffic jam - it will take brainpower. In Rush Hour, a sliding block logic game, you have to battle the gridlock as you...

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  • Klask Klask


    Slide! Dodge! Strike! Score! The award-winning magnetic gameplay of KLASK is unique, exciting and like no other game out there! This awesome action-packed battle will have everyone in the room playing again and again. Move quick but be tactical too,...

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  • BUILDZI Game 1 BUILDZI Game 2

    Buildzi Game

    Race against your opponents, building towers with 32 interlocking shapes - it looks simple, but the challenges are CRAZY! High-energy games, from nerve racking to fast stacking, can be played 1-on-1 or in teams. Includes 32 tower cards and 32 block cards...

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  • TENZI Dice Game 1 TENZI Dice Game 2

    Tenzi Dice Game

    When someone yells "Go!", the "Tenzi Frenzy" begins! Everyone rolls the dice fast and furious, until 1 player gets every die on the same number. It's fantastically fast fun with friends and family. For 2-4 players.For ages 7 yrs-adult, from Carma Games...

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