Baby & Toddler

  • Bashful Bee Medium Bashful Bee Medium

    Bashful Bee Medium

    If you like to plant flowers, Bashful Bee has a few requests! He loves lilac, honeysuckle and poppies - perfect for making heavenly honey! This beautiful bug is a real dapper chap. We think his gold and black fur is bee-yootiful, and his squooshy black...

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  • Tubing Pull-Back Boat 1 Tubing Pull-Back Boat 2

    Tubing Pull-Back Boat

    Make bathtime fun with this splendid speedboat, complete with a tubing bear! Pull the back on his string and the boat will actually move through the water, pulling the bear behind on a tube until he reaches the boat safely. * Pull-back bathtime boat with...

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  • Tobbles Neo 2 Tobbles Neo 4

    Tobbles Neo

    Picture those chubby little hands stacking, spinning, balancing, and toppling these wiggly wobbly curvy shapes! Highly "grippable," six weighted pieces neatly nest and spin. What a tactile, textural, visual delight for discovering minds. They'll be...

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  • Dimpl Stack

    Dimpl Stack

    A vibrant stack-and-discover experience! The top of each cup features a squishy silicone bubble embossed with a unique texture pattern. Little fingers will love to feel, push, and pop them again and again! Then, sensory play becomes open-ended tactile...

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  • Inny Bin Inny Bin

    Inny Bin

    Here are six chunky, textured blocks to delight and challenge little ones as they push each shape through the elastic bands of this cube. In, out, repeat. Each time brings a little more curiosity, joy, and yes, learning.For ages 10 mos-3 yrs, from Fat...

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  • Whirly Squigz 1 Whirly Squigz 2

    Whirly Squigz

    They twirl and whirl in a swirl! These colorful spinners, with a textured dome on one side and a suction cup on the other, that lets them stick to any flat surface, are fun to touch and safe for teething. Stick this trio of mesmerizing spinners to any...

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  • Roll Again Tower 1 RollAgain Tower 1

    Roll Again Tower

    Little hands easily grab a chunky ball and plop it into the tower top. Now watch the chain reaction as the other 4 balls follow - rolling, swirling and twirling their way down, in continuous motion! Hours of learning wrapped in fun.For ages 2-5 yrs, from...

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  • SpinAgain 1 SpinAgain 2

    Spin Again

    It's a traditional stacker with a twist! This oversized and innovative corkscrew pole twirls each colorful disc down to the wobbly base. Lots of movement provides visual stimulation while encouraging hand-eye coordination.For ages 1-3 yrs, from Fat Brain...

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