Plush Toys

  • Dandie Goat Soft 1 Dandie Goat Soft 2

    Dandie Goat Softie

    There are few things more charming than a pen full of romping baby Goats and we think we’ve summed up their best features in our Mini Soft Goat stuffed animal, Dandie! Large, soulful eyes and stitched facial details come together to create an...

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  • My First Purse Set 2 My First Purse Set 2

    My First Purse Set

    Babies learn by observing and mirroring - and always want what adults have! Well, now your baby can have their very own 9" plush purse that's safe to play with. This adorable pastel flower purse opens up to reveal a removable plush key fob, a tube of...

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  • Nectar Hummingbird 1 Nectar Hummingbird

    Nectar Hummingbird

    If you have a sharp eye, you’ll be able to catch sight of Nectar the plush Hummingbird flitting from flower to flower. These little birds burn up large quantities of energy so need a lot of sugar to keep them going! Nectar’s long, slender...

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  • Inchy Inchworm 1 Inchy Inchworm 2

    Inchy Inchworm

    Quirky and charming, it’s no wonder Inchy the plush Inchworm has so many friends! The engaging pose of this little plush bug features him inching his way to a day full of fun and whimsy and he’s invited you to come along! Sqeezably soft...

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  • Melody Robin 1 Melody Robn

    Melody Robn

    The arrival of the Robins is a sure sign spring is just around the corner and Melody the lively Robin stuffed animal is here at last! We’ve captured the plump form of this familiar bird with fantastically soft materials. She features the rusty red...

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  • Pippa Rabbit Best Friend Plush Character 1 Pippa Rabbit Best Friend Plush Character 2

    Pippa Best Friend Plush

    Pippa the fairy bunny is a whimsical plush friend who loves cuddles. She comes with a fabric picture book that tells her story and ignites imaginations. Pippa has multiple fabric textures, fun colors, and embroidered eyes that provide sensory stimulation...

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  • Yummy Duckling Yummy Duckling

    Yummy Duckling

    Yummy Duckling is the happiest hatchling in scrambled-egg yellow fur. Our waddling wonder has a golden beak and feet, tickly tum and waggle wings. This diddy duck is too little to fly, so give them a lift in your pocket or bag! To the pond, and make it...

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