Plush Toys

  • Real Planet Emperor Angel Fish Real Planet Emperor Angel Fish

    Emperor Angel Fish

    Real Planet hyper-realistic plush animal toys are both cuddly AND true to life. Choose from an assortment of dinosaurs, reptiles, and ocean friends. Perfect for little biologists everywhere. THE BRIGHTEST SEALIFE FROM THE CLEAREST REEFS: A Perfect...

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  • Kira Kangaroo Kira Kangaroo

    Kira Kangaroo

    Full of bounce and fun, Kira the Kangaroo stuffed animal and her adorable Joey finger puppet will bring you the excitement of an Outback adventure! Sitting tall on her oversized hind feet, Kira gazes out over the arid landscape and keeps an eye out for...

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  • Kitten Tails Kitten Tails Activity Book 1

    Kitten Tails

    Plumes and brushes and fluffies and fuzzies - the Kitten Tails Book has so many tails! A wonderful title to read with babies, with lots and lots of feely fun. Bright illustrations and a crinkly cover help to make it a favourite first book. And since each...

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  • Albert Jack Russell Albert Jack Russell

    Albert Jack Russell

    Albert Jack Russell is a happy pup in soft cream fur with black and brown patches. With perky ears and a waggly tail, Albert loves to run around the garden. Just watch out for him digging up the carnations!   Tested to and passes the European...

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  • Daphne Pomeranian Daphne Pomeranian

    Daphne Pomeranian

    Divinely fluffy, with a fine curly tail, elegant haircut and soft, stocky legs, Daphne Pomeranian is a dreamy dog. Tickle her short ears and liquorice nose, and you'll have a buddy for life.   Tested to and passes the European Safety Standard for...

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  • Madison Monkey 1 Madison Monkey 2

    Madison Monkey

    Madison Monkey is super-curious, always looking to see who's about! Genial, ginger and full of fun jokes, with a smiley peach face and a striped button top, Madison loves a banana coffee! With a long waggle tail, foldy ears and heart-shaped feet, this is...

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  • Jollipop Giraffe 1

    Jollipop Giraffe

    Jollipop Giraffe is all about those party games! This cocoa-custard chum never wants to stop playing, even after everyone else is tired out. With soft chocolate mane, dinky horns and cheery blue hat, this lively leaf-eater is a precious pal sure to keep...

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  • Fuzzkin Monkey 1 Fuzzkin Monkey 2

    Fuzzkin Monkey

    A teeny-tiny treetop trickster!Fuzzkin Monkey is a chipper bundle of cuddly creme caramel! With a chocolate drop nose, toffee paws, a curly tail and tousled fur, this monkey is mini and mighty. That sunny tie scarf goes wonderfully well with sticky-out...

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  • Enzo Bear Enzo Bear

    Enzo Bear

    Enzo Bear is a curious guy, with a long beige snout and a tiny tail. This huggable bear has scruffed toffee fur, tufted ears and a mighty tum, as well as long curved arms, bright, shiny eyes and a sturdy bean-bottom to sit up tall.   Tested to and...

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  • Betty Corgi 1

    Betty Corgi

    Ready, corgi, go!Betty Corgi may not be royal but she's just as elegant as any pampered pooch. This genial sweetie has ginger fur with creamy splodges, cloudy paws and a lovely inky nose. Squat but splendid, Betty's a boss and always knows the best paths...

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  • Amuseable Pineapple 1 Amuseable Pineapple 2

    Amusable Pineapple

    For tons of texture and funky fun, grab Amuseable Pineapple! Fuzzle and muss that scruffly fur and punky hairdo of minty fluff! Delightfully daft, this roly-poly poppet is just the gift for a quirky birthday. Get set for tons of tropical giggles!

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