Building & Construction

  • Stitch Stitch


    Disney’s Lilo and Stitch building set for kids – Buildable LEGO® ǀ Disney Stitch for girls and boys aged 9+ that sparks imagination as kids build the model, then play with and display it afterwards Disney Stitch character – This...

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  • Flying Ford Anglia Flying Ford Anglia

    Flying Ford Anglia

    LEGO® Harry Potter™ fantasy toy car playset – Give kids a magical introduction to the Wizarding World with this buildable model of the Weasleys’ enchanted Flying Ford Anglia™ car Adventure toy playset featuring 4 LEGO®...

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  • Marble Run Marble Run

    Marble Run

    Six chutes, plus six curves, plus nine tubes, plus three bases, plus six marbles equals a plethora of architectural possibilities. Galt's Marble Run is a sturdy, simply-put-together set in primary colors that's perfect for the beginning builder. Kids...

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  • Mega Marble Run Mega Marble Run

    Mega Marble Run

    An exciting construction set with 100 pieces including 3 vortex, 3 paddle wheels, a wiggly bell chute, staircase, two way chute, 180 degree turn and much more. Create small, simple marble runs or more complex structures with the colourful slot-together...

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  • Hexels Hexels


    HEXEL is a fidget toy consisting of 6 LARGE pieces in bright and vibrant rainbow colours! They are held together by an elastic cord and can be moved in all kinds of patterns.  HEXEL can be bent, twisted and connected to create fascinating shapes...

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  • Pets Learn To Build

    Pets Learn To Build

    Plus-Plus is one shape with endless possibilities! Cute and cuddly or wild and wacky the Plus-Plus Pets set allows you to build your favorite furry friends or let your imagination take over to create a chicken-fish or bunny-cat. This one simple shape is...

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