Every Parent Needs a Birthday Toy Stockpile

Every Parent Needs a Birthday Toy Stockpile

Posted by Owner on Sep 5th 2023

Hooray! It’s back to school time, which means birthday parties for classmates.  

The return to school is an exciting time of year, chock full of new adventures for your kids. Which also comes with millions of things to buy, do, get, sign, and pack for adults. It always seems like the to-do list is longest in September, so wouldn’t it be nice if you had one less thing to worry about? Your student’s friends are going to have birthdays this year, so be ready with toys.

Plan for Other Kids’ Birthdays

Today You is going to do Tomorrow You a favor: She’s going to buy birthday gifts, get them wrapped for free, grab some blank cards, and stash it all in a safe storage place. Imagine how grateful Tomorrow You will feel when she’s running around on a Saturday, and she realizes that [name of kid]’s birthday party is in 30 minutes! Yes, it was on her calendar, but she’s running late and feeling harried. Today You has already solved her problem!

When you create your birthday stockpile for this moment, pay attention to manufacturers’ suggested ages. If your child’s friends are the same age, make sure you get a gift that is a little bit ahead of the age they are now. If you’re not sure what that means, just tell the helpful PLAYmatters staff your price range and the age, and we’ll help you make selections that will work for any gender, for any grade. Gift certificates for PLAYmatters also work for an unknown recipient.

Plan for Your Own Kid’s Birthday

Today You is also going to do a solid for the parents of your child’s friends: If you’re planning your own child’s imminent birthday party, Today You is going to create a wishlist based on your child's preferences and share the list on your birthday party invite. Don’t make your party guests work so hard to guess what they should buy for your child. Their family wants to delight your kid and show up with a great gift. So, just tell them what will please your child.

A wish list helps Tomorrow Them and a birthday stockpile helps Tomorrow You. In the future, everybody wins because you took the time to build a birthday toy stockpile today.

Photo by Victoria Rodriguez on Unsplash